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We believe that when intellect and imagination are intertwined, our students delight in the discovery of connection: in their academic and creative pursuits, in their relationships, and in all that they experience here.

Every day we help our students emerge as flexible and resourceful learners. Because when we do, our students light up with the call and capacity to take on the complexities of their day and of a diverse world.


Each year, members of the San Francisco Day School community come to school to have a family or group portrait taken by a professional photographer. In celebration of the wonderful families in our community, we proudly display these photos in a special gallery. When our students walk through the halls, they are able to observe and appreciate the diversity within SF Day -- honoring both the commonalities and differences within our community. Our Family Photo Night tradition celebrates connection, and we look forward to seeing all everyone's smiling faces on Monday, September 16. 

These lists contain the latest titles curated for diversity, equity, and inclusion. List recommendations are based on interest level instead of reading level and there are five categories available: K-3 Picture Books, K-3 Chapter Books, Grades 3-6 Books, Grades 5-8 Books, and Young Adult (Grades 7 and up) books. Happy reading!