Our New Building In Action
San Francisco Day School
Photo of Vivian Liao.

Since the ribbon-cutting and 40th-anniversary celebration in January, students have been busy making use of our newest building as they explore a range of disciplines. From performing in the theater to writing code in the robotics lab to making creations in the innovation lab, the new spaces have quickly become full of meaningful learning experiences for SF Day students. 

Ting-Shen Vivian Liao, Director of Innovation & Technology at SF Day, shares more about how the new building has facilitated learning for our students since its opening:

What are the different disciplines being explored throughout the learning spaces in the new building? How are Lower and Upper School students using these spaces?

The new building supports exciting classes in Innovation & Design, Art, Music, Science/Gardening, Digital Citizenship, and Robotics, as well as extracurricular activities like club and affinity group meetings. 

Students in the classrooms of the new building at SF Day.


Both Upper and Lower School students regularly use the spaces here to engage in experiential learning.

Students in the classrooms of the new building at SF Day.


How does learning in the new building speak to our school values? What are some examples?

At SF Day, we value experiences that bridge intellect and imagination. The new building is the embodiment of this value. Students learn new ideas, tools, and skills in the new building and immediately apply the new knowledge to their performances and creative endeavors in art, design, and more. 

Students participate in the 4th grade play


Every day, I hear the growth in skill as students play new songs on their instruments in our impressive new theater and see their imagination come to life as they create artwork using everything from paint to salvaged objects to the 3D printer.

Students in the classrooms of the new building at SF Day.


What has been the most exciting part to witness since opening the new building?

The events showcasing student work have been the most exciting part to witness. We now have much more space to gather both indoors and out, and there is an energy one feels when we gather together in the new building. 

Students present their projects in the lower school play yard.

The Changemakers showcase was the perfect example. The excitement from both students and the community at this event was very palpable.

What are you looking forward to in the future as we continue learning in the new building?

I am looking forward to more creative uses of this space as we move forward from the pandemic and grow into the building. The rooftop garden, in particular, has so much potential for interdisciplinary collaborations. 

Students gardening at the rooftop garden atop the new building at SF Day.

I can’t wait to see students learn about the science and history of food production up there, just as one example of an endless array of possibilities.

If you are interested in making a gift to the campaign or have not yet had a chance to tour the new building, please reach out to Erin Wright-Gandhi at ewright@sfday.org