Community Spotlight: Matt Nazario-Miller
SF Day School
Matt joins SF Day with a breadth of experiences, from marketing communications in K-12 and higher education as well as post-secondary roles supporting college student programming, outreach, and retention. Most recently, Matt was the Director of Strategic Communications & Marketing at Khan Lab School. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Matt earned his master’s degree in Student Development Administration from Seattle University's College of Education and his bachelor’s degree in Media Studies just across the street from SF Day from the University of San Francisco.
With beginnings in college student media production along with a 3-year internship with the University of San Francisco's Office of Marketing Communications and 4 different SFUSD K-8 teaching internship placements as an undergraduate, Matt's specialization in the world of marketing communications became digital storytelling for educational institutions with a strong sense of mission. Matt's passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion work draws him to community-centered schools like SF Day that prioritize these values.
Matt enjoys spending his free time being with family, exploring coffee spots, going to the beach, and hanging out with his cat.