Community Spotlight: Hannah Caminos
SF Day School
Born and raised in Venezuela, Hannah moved to the Bay Area 20 years ago and is currently in her 16th year of teaching Spanish as a second language in San Francisco. Hannah feels honored to work with future generations, especially in this progressive and diverse city.
Hannah is passionate about providing children with an education that prepares them for today's world, setting students up for success in multicultural and multilingual communities. She enjoys educating children to be global citizens who live respectfully, in harmony with each other, leading dynamic communities in today's global and diverse society. Hannah’s focus is on international languages and cultural diversity. She believes that by learning a language and its culture, our perspective of the world gets wider, and she sees language as a communication bridge that connects diverse ethnic groups from all over the world.
What is one thing you like about San Francisco Day School?
The ongoing interest in offering other languages to students.
What are 3 words that describe you as a student?
Upstander, collaborator, and kind.
What is one thing that students would be surprised to know about you?
I was born and raised in Venezuela.
What is one thing you are currently learning or would like to learn?
I am training to run a 10K marathon.