Announcing our Next Head of Upper School: Kristina Krzywonos (she/her)
Author: Peter McCormack, Interim Head of School


I am excited to announce that SF Day’s next Head of Upper School will be Kristina Krzywonos.

Ms. Krzywonos was chosen following an extensive national search. The search committee reviewed over 50 resumes, interviewed 25 candidates, re-interviewed 5 semifinalists, and invited three finalists to campus to meet with teachers, students, administrators, and parent leadership.

With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and twelve years of classroom experience, Ms. Krzywonos currently serves in teaching and leadership roles at Carolina Friends School (CFS) in Durham, North Carolina. During the past four years at CFS, she has worked on the Curriculum Task Force, the Faculty Compensation Committee, the 8th Grade Advisory Committee, and the Disciplinary Committee. She has also served as a Peer Coach, and an on-campus trainer for the school’s Learning Management System (Powerschool) and its application during the pandemic.

During the interview process, the search committee and SF Day community members were struck by Kristina’s open and thoughtful style, her perceptive questions, and her deep understanding of the middle school student.

Students commented:

  • I think her values really align with SF Day’s.     
  • I did like how she wanted to introduce two-way feedback between students and teachers. I also liked her restorative problem-solving system.
  • Every time she answered one of the interview questions, she did so candidly and thoughtfully, prompting the students to ask more. 

Parents weighed in with:

  • [I enjoyed] her dynamism, intelligence, and self-knowledge. I was so impressed with Ms. Krzywonos. I very much appreciated her understanding that people have different needs, and that we're all complex, sometimes contradictory, humans. I love her warmth and communication style.
  • I am very attracted to her joyful energy. Her vulnerability in sharing her growth path was genuine and inspiring. Her passion and knowledge for building a healthy community is clear. I think she is very capable of becoming an inspiring and great leader at SF Day.

And teachers agreed:

  • I liked that she was confident about her experience regarding "onboarding" new folks. She brings good energy to the space. She is thoughtful. She never jumped into an answer right away, always took time to think through her responses. She also seems to have a good lens on curriculum development and clear communication.
  • [Kristina] has a lot of the things that we need as a school.
  • In reference checks, Kristina’s current Head of School emphasized her clear methods of communication, her easy availability, and her rapport with middle school students, which she describes as “amazing to witness.” And one of her peers lauded Kristina’s teacher-coaching skills and ability to form trusting relationships.

I would like to recognize the invaluable work of the search committee during this process: 

  • Tristen Chang
  • William Crawford
  • Lori Czosnyka 
  • Evan Bachmann 
  • Dr. Kaili Hwang 
  • Loren Moyé 
  • Steve Roberts 
  • Jason Tognetti 
  • Erin Wright

I also want to acknowledge the work of Adrienne Rogers and Celeste Canovas, as well as Jason, in helping to organize the meetings with the finalists. Many thanks too, to all parents/guardians in grades 4-8, and Upper School faculty, who took the time to view the interview videos and provide feedback.  

Kristina will join the SF Day community in July.


Peter McCormack
Interim Head of School

Message from Kristina Krzywonos to SF Day Community

In my call to leadership, I knew it was important to find a community that shares my core values of education: safety, diversity, and celebration. It was apparent from the moment I stepped on the San Francisco Day School campus that these values resonated so clearly in the community by the carefully crafted questions that represented the voices of the community, thoughtful lessons taught by the caring faculty, laughter shared throughout my visit, vibrant discussions of academic initiatives that appropriately challenge all students, and the beautiful display of family photos in the hallway. 

I am looking forward to a season of connection, deep listening, and service to the community.

Kristina Krzywonos