Student Congress

San Francisco Day School has a unique format for student government: Student Congress.  This distinction is important because it adopts the structure of US government with representatives and committees, and affords more opportunities for student leadership and collaboration grounded in real-life concepts. 

The student congress, made up of elected representatives, meets weekly with a faculty advisor. There are four representatives from 5th-7th grade. In 8th grade, there are six representatives.

The students elected to the Congress serve on mixed grade-level committees. These committees each have a distinct focus and foster working partnerships across grade levels, although each is led by two 8th grade students:

  • Event Planning Committee (Dances and Spirit Weeks)
  • Community Outreach Committee
  • Upper School Assembly Planning Committee

The goal of Student Congress is to instill a sense of civic responsibility as a citizen of our school, and encourage children to work together to set and achieve realistic and effective goals. Throughout the course of their term, students develop a deeper understanding of the day-to-day operations of the school and how it works, and learn organizational skills such as running meetings, planning agendas, creating calendars, and seeing through specific tasks.