Student Life

Photo of a line of young students listening to a long tube they're holding together.

"SF Day has always felt like home, and it is especially satisfying to see the school through my sons' eyes. Like any good institution, it has adapted...but at its core, I am happy to see it remains a warm, nurturing place where learning is fun."

                                    - Dillon Rogers '92

School Begins
8:00a.m. Grades 3-8
8:30a.m. Grades K-2

School Ends
2:15p.m. Grade K
3:00p.m. Grades 1-4
3:30p.m. Grades 5-8

San Francisco Day School is a wonderful place for students to spend their childhood. The children, families, and teachers that make up this community are united in support of our students' learning and personal growth. 

While our academic program equips students with the foundational skills necessary to pursue a lifetime of learning, it is our community's strength and values that bind us together and enable our students to thrive.

Our students learn the value and interdependence of community members at SF Day. Through opportunities for leadership, mentorship, collaboration and sportsmanship, our students fully embrace an SF Day experience.