During the month of December students across grade levels will be participating in “Computer Science Week” and “The Hour of Code” here at SF Day. The Hour of Code is a global movement that encourages every child to explore Computer Science for at least one hour. Coding is one aspect of computer science and helps develop the computational thinking skills of pattern recognition, algorithm design, abstraction and problem decomposition. It’s collaborative, creative, and fun! At SF Day we call it “Hour of Code and Beyond” since our students code throughout the year in integrated lessons designed in collaboration with classroom and subject-area teachers. Stay tuned for updates as we celebrate the Hour of Code after Thanksgiving Break!

fifth grade field trip

On Monday, November 18th, the fifth graders headed out on the bay with the Marine Science Institute (MSI). Students pulled mud up from the bottom of the bay, observed plankton from bay water samples, and caught fish in the net grab. Students explored adaptations of living things that allow them to live and thrive in the SF Bay estuary ecosystem.


On Friday, November 1, our community went out to the Paul Goode Field in the Presidio to cheer on our varsity boys soccer team. They played a strong game against Cathedral School for Boys and came out with a win, 4-0. Congratulations to our students for their hard work, sportsmanship, and solid teamwork. Go Phins!

kindergartner with bread roll

In kindergarten, our young students prepared bread rolls in science and then baked their loaves at home. Yum! If you'd like to try it at home, here's the recipe they used:

Single Bread Roll recipe

2 Tbsp + 2 tsp water
0.5 tsp yeast
pinch of salt
3 tsp sugar
1 tsp olive oil
0.5 cup bread flour
Measure, mix, knead, rest until doubled, reshape and bake until brown. Enjoy!

First page of the PDF file: ParentEd_Oct16

On October 16, SF Day partnered with Bay Area schools to host a panel on vaping and e-cigarettes. Expert panelists (Bob Gordon, MPH; Dr. Shivani Maithur Gaiha; and Dr. Brian Grady) informed our community about the current data and medical findings related to vaping, especially among young adults. Thank you to our peer schools for co-hosting this important event: The Branson School, Cathedral School for Boys, Children's Day School, Hamlin School, Marin Academy, San Francisco Friends School, The San Francisco School, and The Town School for Boys. 

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