photo of Senator Scott Wiener

On Thursday, September 17, SF Day upper school students had a special guest visit from incumbent state senator, Scott Wiener. The students have been learning about elections, both national and local, and so Senator Wiener came and talked campaigning, passing legislation, and how students and citizens can lobby for their beliefs! 

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Many thanks to our library director, Renée Otero, for curating a robust collection of resources pertaining to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

In true "UDL" (Universal Design for Learning) fashion, you can find many ways to engage in a range of topics for adults, kids, and families: books, videos, articles, websites, podcasts, and more.

Reach out to Ms. Otero to share content ideas or ask questions:

Click here for a video introduction to the site, featuring Ms. Otero. 

To explore the site on your own, visit:

Bagna '00


Please join us in welcoming Bagna Braestrup '00 as the new Alumni Council President. Bagna joined the SF Day Alumni Council in 2017. As an Annual Fund co-chair for the past two years, he has been instrumental in the significant growth in the number of donors and total dollars raised among our alumni community. 

In addition to his work with the Annual Fund, Bagna is a member of SF Day's current student transracial adoptee affinity group and exemplifies how alumni can serve both as windows and mirrors to all of our students. 

If you are interested in joining the SF Day Alumni Council or working with our greater Alumni Association, please contact Lauren Becker, Director of Annual Fund and Alumni Relations, at 

Ruby Bridges speaking

Our upper school students in grades 6-8 were recently treated to an intimate conversation with the illustrious Ruby Bridges, a civil rights activist and icon. Although Ms. Bridges had originally been planning to visit SF Day for an assembly, she graciously rescheduled for a Zoom meeting instead. Ms. Bridges shared her experiences as the first African-American student to desegregate an all-white school in Louisiana on November 14, 1960. Students were able to speak with her directly, and asked her a range of questions. We learned about the first time Ms. Bridges saw her likeness in the famous Norman Rockwell painting that she inspired, how her grandmother was a huge source of inspiration in her life, and about teachers who had supported her in the midst of an unfathomably difficult time for a young student. She concluded our conversation by encouraging our students to engage in civics by studying, voting, and even running for office, knowing that they are our future and hold the power to make change happen. We are incredibly grateful to Ms. Bridges for her strength and courage, both then and now, as well as for her grace and humanity. 

National Geographic Bee logo

The results are in! Wilder, an upper school student, is headed to the 2020 National Geographic GeoBee State Competition on Friday, March 27. After competing in the SF Day Geo Bee, Wilder participated in an online geography test last month and earned his place among the 100 top-scorers in California.

According to a press release from National Geographic Society, 2.4 million students took part in the 2020 GeoBee with more than 8,000 fourth through eighth graders becoming school champions nationwide. Winners of the state competition will move on to the finals in Washington D.C. this spring.

Congratulations and good luck to Wilder as he advances to the next stage of the competition!

How would you fare as a National Geographic GeoBee contestant? At the school GeoBees this year, students had to answer questions like these: 

  • Which state is located west of Lake Huron—Minnesota or Vermont? Minnesota
  • Known for the tree nuts resembling deer eyes, which midwestern state is called the Buckeye State—California or Ohio? Ohio
  • Which country does not border the Atlantic Ocean—Moldova, Angola, or Ireland? Moldova
  • Once the western terminus of the Northern Pacific Railroad, Tacoma is a major port and industrial city in which northwestern state? Washington
  • Government designated preserves have helped protect giant tortoises in the Seychelles, a country made up of over one hundred islands located north of Madagascar in what ocean? Indian Ocean
  • The Matterhorn is an iconic peak in the Alps on the border between Switzerland and what other country? Italy