SF Day Welcomes Secretary Albright

On May 2, San Francisco Day School was thrilled and honored to welcome Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State, to our school. Secretary Albright was kind enough to share her wisdom, experiences, and optimism for our country's future during a school assembly. As a community, we will cherish Secretary Albright's generous spirit and insightful words - thank you, Dr. Albright, and we hope to see you again! 

poetry day 2018

Every April, poetry lives and breathes in the halls of SF Day. Our fourth grade teacher and resident poet leads the charge to celebrate and honor poetry. Every grade at school participates and has an opportunity to learn and experience what it means to be a poet. From haikus to six-word memoirs and odes to San Francisco, we are all encouraged to take risks and find our inner poets. 

As always, this year's annual Poetry Day was jam-packed with special events and activities for our entire community. We started celebrating bright and early at drop-off with our "Pay with a Poem" event. Parents and teachers were treated to hot coffee and fresh croissants in exchange for a small yet precious token - a handwritten poem. Simon the Dolphin even jumped in to participate by teaming up with the Poets Society and handing out poems to students. Thank you to the Means family for generously donating the delicious coffee and croissants!

Poem in Your Pocket is a treasured component of Poetry Day - a tradition where lower schoolers share their poetry with our community members and receive a sticker as a reward for their poetic courage. As always, student excitement was off the charts, as children eagerly ran around in search of audiences (and stickers!)  

Finally, the all-school assembly paid homage to poetry of all forms: dance, song, rhyme, and more.  Students read their original work and their favorite poetry from other authors. This year, guest poet, USF professor, and SF Day parent Dean Rader read a poem with his son. The assembly culminated in a special presentation from the fourth grade. 

Thank you to everyone for supporting this important San Francisco Day School tradition. "Snaps" to all!

kindergarteners learn cubetto

This week and last, our kindergarten students worked on a screenless coding activity with our technology teachers. Cubetto is a small wooden robot that moves around a colorful mat according to how it is coded. The students learned how to program Cubetto using a sequence of colorful “coding blocks” (different colored arrows that each represent a command such as “forward,” “turn right” or “turn left”). In order to program Cubetto, the kindergarteners slide the different color blocks into a board to make Cubetto follow a specific path to get from point A to point B. There was a lot of trial and error and hands-on learning involved to understand how to program Cubetto successfully.

More photos are here online.

2nd grader learning about scale

Our second graders have begun studying scale, the ratio of the length in a drawing or model to the length of the real thing. Inspired by the poem One Inch Tall by Shel Silverstein, students investigated the ratio of a one-inch person to the world. They chose to represent their understanding in several different ways. They calculated whether the original poem's examples were realistic, changing them where they thought necessary. Some students illustrated the poem themselves, some built a room for a one-inch tall person, and some chose to write a poem for a three-inch person. Throughout all of these mini-projects, the students collaborated by measuring, drawing, building, writing, and discussing geometric scaling.