Inclusive Community

Photo of a group of students in a circle formation putting their hands in the middle.

How do we honor diversity? By constantly evolving.

At SF Day, we recognize that there is no true "finish line" when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, an unwavering commitment to diversity has always been a founding value of the school. As such, we sought to codify our commitment with a formal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statement.

With the leadership of our past DEI co-directors, Betsy Brody and Loren Moyé, all members of our community -- administration, faculty, staff, parents/guardians, students, alumni, and trustees -- collaborated on this statement, helping to shape and articulate this expression of our vision, purpose, approach, and commitment to DEI at SF Day.  We are incredibly grateful to our community for its active engagement and drive to pursue diversity, equity, and inclusion, both within and beyond the walls of San Francisco Day School.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

To be culturally effective doesn’t mean you are an authority in the values and beliefs of every culture. What it means is that you hold a deep respect for cultural differences and are eager to learn, and willing to accept, that there are many ways of viewing the world.  - Dr. Okokon O. Udo

Vision:  We aspire to create a welcoming, diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where each person feels that their whole identity is known and respected.  

Purpose: We, the members of San Francisco Day School - faculty, staff, students, alumni, families, and trustees - believe we have a mutual responsibility to ourselves, each other, and society. We are committed to ensuring that our students emerge with the confidence and skills to interact in a respectful way with people who bring different lived experiences and perspectives in an ever-evolving world. 

Approach: We are purposeful in building a community that shares this vision. All community members should see their identity reflected in the school (mirrors), to know that people “like me” are full citizens at school. Equally important is that everyone is challenged to look outside themselves (windows) to understand, respect, and appreciate the cultures and identities of others. 

Commitment: We are teaching our children to be active participants in a democracy and preparing them to recognize systemic injustice and know how they can advocate for equity for themselves and others. 

Adopted by the SF Day Board of Trustees on December 1, 2019.