Board of Trustees

2021-22 Board of Trustees


SF Day School is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of current and alum parents as well as alumni. The trustees bring a diversity of backgrounds and skill sets that inform and ensure that the rich and diverse interests and needs of our community are always considered.  The Board acts as the steward of the long term health and sustainability of the school, which include the management of its assets as well as making sure that the program advances the mission of the school.  To ensure our oversight is based on the highest ethical standards, SF Day follows the Principles of Good Practice as set by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).  SF Day’s Trustees are elected for three-year terms and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Board meetings are held every six weeks during the school year. 

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2021-22 Board of Trustees

Adriana López Vermut, Chair (P ‘23, ‘26, ‘28, alum)

Ron Brown (P ‘24, ‘22)

Craig Brumfeld (P ‘23)

Anu Cairo (P ‘23, ‘29)

Vanessa Cho (P ‘23, alum)

Ali Diab (P ‘25, alum)

Lexie Fisher George, ‘00

Wendy Holcombe (P alum++)

Shilpa Jain (P ‘24, ‘24)

Jeremiah Lane (P ‘22, ‘26, ‘26)

Jessica Moment (P ‘25, ‘27)

Olivia Morgan (P ‘23, alum)

Matt Murray (P ‘24, alum+++)

Amie Nenninger (P ‘25, alum)

Josh Olshansky (P ‘26, ‘28, ‘29) 

Dean Rader (P ‘23, ‘26)

Jill Robertson (P ‘25, ‘25)

Sarah Stein (P ‘24, ‘26)

Tomonori Tani (P ‘25)

Vishal Tayal (P ‘22, ‘25)

Heidi Von Allmen (P ‘24, ‘26)

Eli Weinberg (P ‘27, ‘29)

Christine Wong (P ‘25, alum)

Yale Yee (P ‘27, ‘29)

Adrienne Rogers, Parents Association President, (P ‘24, ‘26)

Bagna Braestrup ‘00, Alumni Board President

Mike Walker, Head of School