At A Glance

Welcome and thank you for learning more about our school. We hope you will have an opportunity to visit our campus and meet us in person - until then, here are some SF Day fast facts.


Grades K-8 

The SF Day community includes 400 students
and their families

Students cheering at gameĀ 


$2.12 million received by 89 students; discounts range from 5-95%

Students in science looking at a microscope


We celebrate gender diversity with a program serving all learners

boys volleyball team with coaches

SF Day Upper School Athletics

85% of Upper Schoolers (grades 5-8) play at least one sport. Go Phins!

Hyde Street Pier field trip

Located in SF

Being in the heart of SF provides us with access to an urban learning lab

Students hold up a Be Yourself sign

Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion

We provide "windows & mirrors", affinity groups, and ongoing dialogue

What are our values?

Experiences that bridge intellect + imagination

Our curriculum is born of our belief that education works best when students' hearts are in the work. Thus, we value a best-practices approach to education that employs a creative, imaginative curriculum to engage students' hearts and minds. We know every heart and mind is different and value teaching and learning that optimizes each student's strengths in an environment where each individual can grow and thrive. 

Mindsets that encourage and empower growth

SF Day understands and appreciates that everyone has the capacity to learn through perseverance and sustained effort. SF Day values the process of learning as much as we value what is learned. Thus, our program is intentional in striking a balance between developing resilience and perseverance, on one hand, and developing patience and appreciating the time it takes to truly understand, on the other. 

Community relationships that inspire and connect

SF Day values the personal growth that happens when students and their families feel supported by each other and the school. Our families model respect and kindness for each other and the school. Families in turn support SF Day as we fulfill our mission of providing a rich educational program for their children. 

Diversity that is broad, evolving and enriches everyone

SF Day believe that diversity is ever evolving and is therefore a prerequisite to learning. We value when many voices and perspectives are sought out and included. Thus, we recruit, welcome, and celebrate children, families, faculty, and staff that reflect the broad range of diversity in the Bay Area. SF Day invites its families, faculty, and staff to come together and work toward a common set of goals in an inclusive and supportive community. 

Responsibility to ourselves, each other, and society

SF Day values personal and institutional behaviors that are guided by strong moral purpose. Thus, we dedicate time and resources to robust service learning opportunities which emphasize a mutual responsibility to make judgments based on ethical principles of equity and justice, and the importance of kindness, caring, and support toward and for one another. Members of the SF Day community are encouraged to stand up for their own convictions and learn the essentials of teamwork: cooperation, collaboration, and resolution of conflict. 

What do we believe?

Co-education matters

The world in which our children will collaborate, explore, debate, problem-solve, and learn is not made up of a single gender. We celebrate gender diversity by offering an educational program in which all learners are served for who they are. Students are presented with leadership opportunities which require they work collaboratively to learn with each other. 

One size does not fit all

We recognize that students grow, mature, and develop at different rates. At SF Day, we help each child to discover their unique strengths and challenges. When they discover who they are and how they best learn, they spend their years seizing every opportunity they can. We use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a framework to design curriculum that helps personalize the learning experience for every student. 

Diversity has no finish line

We honor diversity, equity, and inclusion by constantly evolving. At SF Day, we aspire to create a learning environment that is representative of a global community. Preparing students for our ever-changing world requires learning from and among a diverse and inclusive community gifted with a range of perspectives and backgrounds.

There is power in community

SF Day is a wonderful place for children to spend their childhood. The children, families, and teachers that make up our community are united in support of our students' learning and personal growth. It is our community's strength and values that bind us together to create a safe, supportive environment in which our students thrive. Our home-school partnership is the essential ingredient that enables this marvelous process to unfold.