Air Quality

It is always SF Day's goal to remain open to support regular student and family routines, unless it becomes unsafe or unhealthy to do so. In alignment with SFDPH, we use as our trusted source of information. Managed by the EPA and Bay Area Air Quality Management District, it provides the most accurate data.

In alignment with our peer schools, if the indicator shows an AQI of 101-150, we will:

  1. Continue with programming as scheduled
  2. Close all windows and doors that open to the outside

If the AQI exceeds 151, we will shift all outdoor programming indoors - this includes outdoor recess and PE classes

If the AQI exceeds 200, we may consider closing school. As always, we will be in contact with you should there be resulting changes to our schedule.

If your child/ren is involved in school athletics (5th-8th), we will do our best to communicate directly with you by 10:00 a.m. regarding any change in the schedule (i.e. canceling or shifting practices/games indoors). Families should also know that AEP/Commons remain available every day until 6:00 p.m.

Please use the chart below to view SF Day's response to the Air Quality Index (AQI):