AEP & Commons

Welcome to the SF Day After School Enrichment Program, also known as "AEP."


AEP and Commons Overview

Hours: 2:15-6:00PM, Monday-Friday. 

All after school programming (AEP & the Commons) are offered to our students every day after school until 6 pm. Our programs are designed to give students various opportunities to continue their education through experiential and play-based learning. 

AEP is the name of our program for lower school students (K-4th Grade) and The Commons is the name of our program for upper school students (5th-8th Grade).

We offer enrichment classes and music lessons after school to both AEP and commons students. Please review our enrichment and music lessons page to learn more about our offerings and registration.



Students in AEP can participate in a teacher-led activity, daily crafts, various games, and play in our lower school playground. 

Our daily after school schedule gives students some structure around after school play while allowing them room for choice and autonomy. 

Daily Schedule

  • 3:00-3:30 PM Station choices (e.g. Daily craft, drawing, legos, or reading)

  • 3:30-4:00 PM Recess period

  • 4:00 PM Cleanup Time

  • 4:00-4:30 PM Snack & Community circles

  • 4:30-6 PM Free play and recess option

The Commons Fees & Billing

Students in the Commons will meet in Room 7 after school where they can work on homework, play games, and socialize with their peers. Toward the end of the day (~5PM) commons students will combine with our lower school students in the AEP room and LS play yard.

Fees & Billing

Fees: All after school programs are billed at the hourly rate of $18 per hour. 

Billing is handled on a monthly basis. Adjusted tuition rates apply for AEP/Commons, one enrichment class, and summer camps.

AEP/Commons FAQs