AEP & Commons

students at AEP

Welcome to the SF Day After-School Enrichment Program, known as "AEP."

All students currently enrolled at SF Day are welcome to participate in after-school care. To best meet the needs of younger and older students, we have two after-school care options: Students in kindergarten-4th grade attend AEP and 5th-8th grade students attend Commons.

We understand that each student has individual needs and our program allows families to customize their after-school schedule to best fit the needs of their student. Families may choose to allow students to play, complete their homework, or participate in enrichment classes during after school hours.

AEP/Commons Daily Schedule
2:15 PM Kindergarten dismissal
2:15 - 3:00 PM AEP open for Kindergarten
3:00 PM AEP open for 1st-4th Grade; main snack time
3:30 PM (3:15 on Mondays) Commons open for 5th-8th Grade
4:45 PM Clean up; 2nd snack time
6:00 PM AEP/Commons closes

AEP/Commons At-A-Glance

Hours: 2:15-6:00PM, Monday-Friday. AEP/Commons is offered on all half days, faculty work days, and other select days off at school. AEP/Commons is closed on federal holidays. 

Fees: There are two payment options for AEP and Commons. Billing is handled on a monthly basis. Discounted tuition rates apply for enrichment classes, day camps, and summer camps. 

  • AEP Fees: $14/hour drop-in rate or a flat rate of $375/month.
  • Commons Fees: $15/day drop-in rate or a flat rate of $375/semester. 

AEP/Commons FAQs

What are the fees for AEP/Commons?

AEP has choices for your fees. Billing is handled on a monthly basis. Discounted tuition rates apply for enrichment classes, day camps, and summer camps. 

  • AEP: $14/hour drop-in rate or a flat rate of $375/month. 
  • Commons: $15/day drop-in rate or a flat rate of $375/semester. 

Flat rates will apply to the full year and cannot accommodate month-to-month changes. Flat rates will not be billed during the months of August, December or June due to longer school breaks.

Do Discounted Tuition rates apply?

Yes! If you participate in discounted tuition, your discounted tuition rate applies directly to your AEP/Commons charges.

If you have an upper school and lower school student, you can welcome to use AEP/Commons until 3:30 pm for no charge. Please ensure your student leaves AEP/Commons with our 3:30 carpool group.  

Discounted tuition rates also apply to camps and classes. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like clarification regarding tuition discounts.

Who is on the AEP team?

Our AEP team is composed of a variety of full-time and part-time staff who support our students during after-school hours and during the school day in a variety of roles.  We provide your student with nutritious, tasty snacks and a space to move in and socialize with old and new friends at school.

Does AEP/Commons provide snacks?

Yes! We serve a delicious three-component snack each day consisting of whole grains, dairy, and a fruit/vegetable option. If students are hungry or if they missed a snack, they will always have access to fresh fruits or vegetables. 

How do I pick up my child?

Students may be dismissed in a variety of ways. Approved pick-ups are welcome to come into AEP/Commons to pick students and we suggest calling the AEP/Commons line directly at 415-568-3650 beforehand. This will enable our team to have your child escorted to Golden Gate Avenue, as individuals are not allowed to leave their cars in our school white zone.