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Every school has and is a story. Every life connected to a school, regardless of age or role, is a part of and is shaped by that story.  That is why schools, and especially this school, are such special places.

Head of school in first grade

San Francisco Day School’s story began when an inspired and committed group of parents felt that San Francisco needed and would benefit from a co-educational school that understood, recognized, and embraced the unique potential and character of every student. This devoted group of founders recognized that a school does not just reside in a community, but is an integral part of it.  They collectively and strongly believed that the school should represent the diversity of the community in which it exists.  As an expression of these ideals, the school functions as a hub from which the students engage with, contribute to, and learn from all that the vibrant culture and city of San Francisco has to offer.

The amazing story of San Francisco Day School, which has already established a legacy of academic excellence, is a story that continues to unfold.  Since its inception, SF Day has grounded students in the foundational skills of literacy, complex communications, number sense, and the ability to compute and calculate. The school equally embraces artistic interpretation and expression--musically, visually, and theatrically.  Movement, exercise, and athletics are essential elements of the overall educational experience at San Francisco Day School.  The immersive experiences students have through the service learning curriculum, travel opportunities to diverse cultures, and regular excursions into nature and the outdoors fosters not only their intellectual curiosity, but provides meaningful and invaluable life experiences through which students gain social context and develop emotional composure and maturity. 

Stories are powerful because themes weave together the events and characters in a meaningful way. Perhaps the most prevalent theme shaping SF Day culture since its inception is how we cherish and nurture the curiosity that the children bring to school each and every day.  Our hope is that the students arrive bubbling with enthusiasm because they are so eager to encounter the wonders and people that await them at school.  Their innate curiosity and inquisitiveness primes them to be receptive to new experiences and ideas.  This craving to learn is fueled in a dynamic setting in which children collaborate as co-learners and co-creators, learning as much from each other as they do from the stimulating resources that surround them, the robust technological tools at their disposal, and the caring, attentive, and knowledgeable teachers they interact with each day.

Upon graduation, as the students write the next chapter in the story of their lives,  our commitment is for them is to go forth even more curious than when they arrived as a direct result of everything, and everyone, they experienced at San Francisco Day School.  They are prepared to take this next step with the confidence that comes from being skilled and active learners, researchers, and thinkers, fueled with a passion for learning, and on a quest to fulfill their promise and better their communities.

These are ambitious goals, but so too were the aspirations of the founding families who passionately believed then, as we do now, that a school attuned to the needs and disposition of children can unleash the limitless potential that resides in each and every one of us. Just as children are curious and constantly learning and developing, so too is the school, as an organization, actively listening, reflecting, and evolving our educational practice and curricular program. 

As inspired as we are by the curiosity of the children, we are appreciative of your interest and curiosity in the school.  You will get a sense of the school from the website, but what we really want is to meet you, get to know your children, and with you explore how SF Day might become a part of your family's story. 


Dr. Mike Walker

Jeni Izuel, CFO

Meet Jeni Izuel, Chief Financial Officer

Meet Ayden Bradley, Specials Teacher (K-4)


Meet Simon, SF Day Mascot

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