The Arts

art show 2017

Our job as artists and art educators is to teach our students how to see and listen actively, give form to their thoughts, and empower their confidence and belief in their own uniqueness. Art is each child's way to communicate personal thoughts, feelings, and values.

The overriding questions we ask each student to consider are:

  • How do we think like an artist?
  • How do we make art?
  • How do we talk about what we have made?
  • How does the art that we have made connect with the world of art?

Visual Arts

kindergartener painting with watercolors

Art is a powerful tool with which to develop the creative promise in every student. Through art, each student learns the power of the imagination, the potential of creative solutions, and the skills and techniques needed to speak in a visual language. Art gives students the opportunity to think with their eyes while putting a vocabulary to this visual language. Understanding this visual language expands one’s ability to perceive, analyze, and appreciate one’s world.

Artist of the Month Program

resident artist joo young choi

The art curriculum revolves around the concept of the “artist of the month.” Lessons are planned around the artist’s creative expression, aesthetic perception and values. All grade levels study and model the artist’s techniques and learn about the artist's sensibility.


AMP: Arts, Music & Poetry

AMP stands for Art, Music, and Poetry, a relatively recent addition to our distinguished arts program. Two of our teachers, Karen Richards and Meg Adler, were inspired by a professional development workshop on music and poetry in the summer of 2016. When they returned from their workshop, they worked with the SF Day colleagues to design a yearlong unit bridging art, music, and poetry in a unique, engaging way. 
The purpose of AMP is to "enable students to experience the benefits inherent in thoughtful collaboration and to discover how music and visual imagery heighten the experience of hearing a poem." The inaugural AMP unit featured in the video uses excerpts from Maya Angelou's poem, "On the Pulse of Morning."

Performing Arts

Students acting in performing arts class

By the time they graduate, they'll have performed as singers, actors, and musicians in nine evening soiree productions, at least two lower school plays, one Greek Night, and three Shakespeare plays. Performance allows students to demonstrate new skills, develop confidence in expressing themselves in front of an audience, foster a positive feeling of ensemble with their peers, experience the joys of performing, and practice being supportive audience members.

At SF Day, we also provide electives that offer students broader opportunities to perform, create, and explore their passions. Here are a few electives currently offered to our upper school students:

  • Scenes from  "The Wizard of Oz" 
  • Jazz Improv
  • Sketch Comedy Writing