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At San Francisco Day School, innovation and technology are integrated into the curriculum as part of our commitment to helping the students of today become the creative problem solvers of tomorrow. Our teachers innovate with classroom activities and projects that engage students in their own learning and deepen understanding.

Our integrated technology efforts feature one iPad for all SF Day students (K-8).  Our 6th-8th graders take their iPads with them at school and home as flexible tools to demonstrate their learning and organize their thoughts.  iPad carts in Kindergarten, laptop carts and desktop Macs, robots of many flavors, and new ways to code, tinker, and build enhance the experience of every student.

Our dedicated teachers are at the heart of our technology efforts. They partner with our technology team to design learning activities that stimulate problem solving and nurture creativity. We work closely with our engaged and supportive parents to foster positive, safe, and age-appropriate use of technology.

It is thrilling to see the innovative ideas and projects that emerge from our student body! Thank you for visiting this section of our website. Our entire technology team is available to answer questions and dialogue about our children and their learning.


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