Physical Education

A group of students plays flag football on campus.

San Francisco Day School strongly believes in the ongoing connection between body and mind.  Our goal is to teach our students wholesome habits that will foster a healthy lifestyle.  Our aspirations for physical fitness don’t extend to interscholastic athletics only; they are reflected in our physical education programs, mindfulness practice, and cafeteria program every day. 

The physical education curriculum supports our students' athletic development from kindergarten to eighth grade in the following five areas:

  • Movement concepts: Understanding movement through exploration and a variety of games
  • Body movement: Spatial awareness, balance, coordination
  • Locomotor movement: Skipping, galloping, walking, running, and hopping
  • Manipulative skills: Throwing, catching, kicking, rolling, trapping, and striking with implements
  • Rhythmic skills: Swaying, turning, foot patterns, and dance