Welcome! The mission of our library program is to develop students into effective users of ideas and information. 

Our library houses a collection of nearly 21,000 titles for children and adults, and we are proud to host a vast multicultural children's collection. Students are encouraged to check out as many books as they'd like.

SF Day

Lower School

In kindergarten through fourth grade, students meet once a week with Ms. Otero for 45 minutes to explore the following areas:


Reading literature is one of the first ways children appreciate the variety and depth of perspectives outside one's own experience. At SF Day, students learn how to choose, evaluate, and select varieties of literature to inform, illuminate, and inspire themselves.

Research and Information Literacy

Students develop an understanding of how information is organized, identify the best sources of information for a given need, locate those sources, evaluate the sources critically, and share that information with peers.

Media Literacy

Students learn how to deconstruct and creatively construct various aspects of mass media to build an understanding of how media is used to inform, entertain, educate, and sell. Each grade focuses on a different aspect of media:

Kindergarten - Packaging: What Makes Us Want It? 

Grade 1 - Movies: Lights, Camera, Action 

Grade 2 - Gender in the Media

Grade 3 - Advertising and Consumerism 

Grade 4 - Cultural Representation in the Media

Upper School

Students in upper school visit the library throughout the year for research support with our librarian, Ms. Otero.  In addition, Ms. Otero visits English classes to conduct "book talks" with older students. Students in grades 5-8 also join Monday Library Lunch, where they will eat lunch as Ms. Otero reads a story, and then everyone discusses the book. Upper school students also often retreat to the library for special buddy activities, where they will share a favorite book with their buddy.

Meet Our Librarians!

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Library Director


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Library Assistant