Our Kindergarten-8th Grade Curricular Progression

Informed by Warren Berger’s book, A More Beautiful Question, and grounded in neuroscience, the SF Day curriculum is framed by a sequence of grade level themes and “essential questions.” The themes provide a curricular framework for academic content and skills, and the questions encourage student inquisitiveness and interdisciplinary learning. 

What is an Essential Question?

At SF Day, we believe in using inquiry-based learning to spark the curiosity and engagement of our students. Essential questions, or questions that aim to provoke thought and dialogue rather than produce simple answers, are meant to draw students deeper into lessons and projects. Posing essential questions at each grade level helps guide the overarching investigations that we are introducing to that particular grade. 

What is a Major Instructional Unit?

While our teachers help our students develop mastery of skills across core subject areas each year, there are also major units of study at each grade level.  These "Major Instructional Units" represent significant projects that delve into exploring the essential questions posed to our students.

Grade-Level Themes