Welcome from the SF Day Alumni Council

Welcome fellow ‘Phins! There are a myriad of ways to participate and utilize this group, and one way, is to join our Alumni Council. The mission of the Alumni Council is to represent the nearly 1,400 alumni of San Francisco Day School and serve as a primary liaison between alumni and the school. The Alumni Council helps to produce a robust, vibrant, and effective Alumni program to steward and cultivate alumni engagement and affinity.

Are you interested in joining our Alumni Council or working with our greater Alumni Association? Email lbecker@sfday.org.

SF Day’s Alumni Giving Campaign for Discounted Tuition

All alumni gifts made to SF Day through the end of May,  will go to support the school’s discounted tuition program for this year. Your gift helps to preserve equity and remove financial barriers for over 22% of SF Day families.

We are so grateful for the continued support from our Alumni, and we hope you can join us this year with a gift of any amount that is meaningful and accessible to you. 


This year, you can make your gift on a mobile device through Venmo, Paypal, credit card and more using the link below. 

Thank you to the alumni listed below who have already made a gift to SF Day this year:

  • Anonymous (3)

  • Julia Adler-Milstein '93

  • Zach Arrick '99

  • Ben Blatteis '00

  • Bagna Braestrup '00

  • Ward Bullard '92

  • Lesley Bunim '91

  • Daniel Bunker '96

  • Natalie Calhoun '08

  • Josiah Corbus '10

  • Jamie DeAraujo '02

  • Andrew Dudum '03

  • Elena Dudum '07

  • Danielle Dudum-Baxter '00

  • Natalie Dunn '03

  • Michael Duryee-Browner '03

  • Katherine Evers '08

  • Claire Fisher '05

  • Jill Fisher '06

  • John Fisher '03

  • Michael Fisher '11

  • Remy A.M. Fisher '06

  • Sam Fisher '03

  • Gabriella Fracchia '91

  • Besse Gardner '96

  • Lexie Fisher George '00

  • Susie Cranston Hamilton '92

  • JC Hanley '01

  • Gray Harris '90

  • Jay Harris '97

  • Mollie Gardner Hector ‘95

  • Will Hespe '14

  • Devin Hexner '04

  • Alex Holtzman '04

  • Sophie Hood '96

  • Stevie Howell '95

  • Laura Jones '96

  • Alexis Joseph '96

  • Caitlin Kent ‘02

  • Michael Kremer ‘03

  • Louise Davis Langheier '95

  • Brandon Lew '11

  • Jeffrey Lincoln '95

  • Brian Little '15

  • Jack Little '14

  • Reid Little '16

  • Courtney Mattison '00

  • Marisa McCarthy '95

  • Thomas McKinley '98

  • Sam Mondry-Cohen '02

  • Fiona Thomas Montgomery ‘91

  • Logan Morrow '02

  • David Noyola ‘96

  • Emily Proud ‘00

  • Zoe Quandt '99

  • Linden Bader Rees '95

  • Monica Rios '07

  • Olivia Robertson '04

  • Dillon Rogers '92

  • Katharine Rogers '90

  • Harry Savinar ‘98

  • Taylor Shaw '94

  • Alice Tripp ‘05

  • Granger Tripp ‘07

  • Page Tripp '09

  • Nina Willdorf '91

  • Lilah Wolf '00

  • Elena Wong ‘99

  • Lauren Wong ‘96

  • Sara Myers Yoo '91

  • Lucas Zier '96

  • Travis Zier '99

Meet Bagna Braestrup ‘00, SF Day’s Alumni Council President



After moving back to San Francisco from New York, Bagna joined the Alumni Council in 2017 and, as an Annual Fund co-chair for the past two years, has been instrumental in the significant growth in the number of donors and total dollars raised among our alumni community. In addition to his work as council president, Bagna serves on several Board Committees and is a member of SF Day’s current student transracial adoptee affinity group. He exemplifies how alumni can serve both as windows and mirrors to all of our students.


What was your first memory of SF Day?

It was the first day of school in the 5th grade. I had just moved to San Francisco from DC, so I was nervous coming in as a transfer student. I remember meeting everyone in the courtyard and was amazed as to how warm and welcoming everyone was to me, even though they all already knew each other. Cut to 20 years later and I am still very close with several classmates from “The greatest class that has ever existed”, I was even a best man at one classmate’s wedding.


Do you keep in touch with any teachers?

Ms. Temple. She was my fifth grade teacher, and I am still very close with her and her family. Ms. Temple even joined in on our Virtual Alumni Reunion Breakout Room for the class of 2000. It was fun to celebrate our 20th reunion.


Where do you currently live?

While my home base is still San Francisco, I have been living in Maine since shelter in place began. My dad lives out there for most of the year along with a lot of extended family. I have also seen Ms. Temple a few times, and several classmates have come to visit.


Why did you decide to join the alumni council?

SF Day will forever be what I gravitate back to. This school has meant everything to me and my dad. When I initially joined the Alumni Council a few years ago, it was a way for me to reconnect with fellow alumni and the school. What has kept me involved is having the opportunity to give back to the place that had and continues to give me so much. Since I came to SF Day as a transfer student from the east coast, SF Day was not only my educational launching point, it was my introduction and foundation to the city. When I was given the opportunity to become Alumni Council President, I jumped at the chance, and I am so grateful I did.


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Alumni Council 


  • Zach Arrick '99
  • Bagna Braestrup '00, President
  • Natalie Calhoun '08
  • Danielle Dudum-Baxter '00, Alumni Annual Fund Co-Chair
  • Andrew Dudum '03
  • JC Hanley '01
  • Devin Hexner '04
  • Stevie Howell '95
  • Laura Jones '96, Alumni Annual Fund Co-Chair
  • Caitlin Kent '02
  • Brandon Lew '11
  • Marisa McCarthy '95
  • Monica Rios '07
  • Olivia Robertson '04
  • Katharine Rogers '90
  • Dillon Rogers '92
  • Sarah Seegal '00
  • Lauren Wong '96


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