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Community Spotlight

AEP aide with students

Meet Jackie Penafort, 1st Grade Teaching Fellow


Meet Jesse Lee, Security Guard

Meet Shahab Rejali, Network Administrator


Meet Simon, SF Day Mascot

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We believe that when intellect and imagination are intertwined, our students delight in the discovery of connection: in their academic and creative pursuits, in their relationships, and in all that they experience here.

Every day we help our students emerge as flexible and resourceful learners. Because when we do, our students light up with the call and capacity to take on the complexities of their day and of a diverse world.


Join us to hear guest speaker, Dr. Yong Zhao, on October 2. Dr. Zhao will be speaking on "Reaching for Greatness: Empowering Your Kids to Harness Their Talents to Conquer the Challenges of the Modern World." 

Ready to play for the SF Day Dolphins this year? The Fall 2018 teams, practice and game schedules are posted and ready for sign-ups. This season, consider developing your athletic skills by showing your school pride and participating on a team.